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We are a service centre in the UK authorised by Naim to repair and service their products.


We specialise in amplifiers and power supplies.


Please be aware that we do not offer service or repairs to streaming products or cd players


To maintain optimum sonic performance it is recommended that Naim equipment is serviced every 10-15 years depending on the product.


All units are kept to Naim specification, we do not modify units by fitting inferior specification or so called equivalent parts.

Our spares are sourced direct from Naim.


If booked in advance, some units can be serviced whilst you wait.


Please note, if you are not local to Sheffield we can arrange collection and delivery from 16.00 per box fully insured each way

This is with DHL or UPS the price is for UK mainland only.




If sending any item to us then please ensure the packaging is sufficient or the courier will not be responsible for any damage caused.

Any item received that is poorly packaged will incur extra cost for return shipping.

See serial numbers at the end of the page to obtain the year your equipment was manufactured.

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for our current service prices.


All parts fitted and labour are guaranteed for 12 months.


This is just a sample of the equipment we service.




Nac 12, 32, 42, 62, 102, 112, 152, 202, 252

Nac 32.5, 42.5, 72  
Nac 82, and Napsc power supply  
Nac 52
Nac-282 includes factory updates
Nac- 82 and 52
upgrade option


Power amplifiers

Nap 110, 140, 160


Nap-150 includes factory updates  
Nap-200 includes factory updates
Nap-250/2 includes factory updates
Power Supplies
Hi Cap
Super Cap
555 PSU

Integrated amplifiers

Nait 1, 2
  Nait 3  
  Nait 5 includes factory updates  

Other Units

Please ask for a quote
Naim servicing
Naim servicing 
Nait 50 amplifier
Naim servicing 




Naim and their authorised service departments will service and repair units to

100% Naim specification, as all spares are carefully selected at Naim.

We are proud to be an authorised service department.


Always ask who carried out the service work and get a detailed list of all parts fitted and work carried out.

If in any doubt ask for internal pictures, send them to me and I can check if the correct parts are fitted.


If it says Naim on the outside you want it to be Naim on the inside...



Nac-22 and Nap-120 
Why Should I have my old equipment serviced ?

Below are recent quotes from a happy customers


Nac-42 / Nap-110

A few weeks ago, I had my 23 year old 42/110 serviced (and upgraded to a 42/140) by Class-A in Sheffield. The customer service was excellent, the cost was very reasonable and the music just keeps getting better as the units burn-in. I can only commend Naim for their commitment to long term service/product support, and Class-A for their first-rate execution of the work. Anyone considering getting their older kit serviced/upgraded should not hesitate if funds allow - the benefits are remarkable.




Thanks for the prompt work on Saturday. Plugged them in as soon as I got home and God, what a difference. A proper soundstage, superb clarity and details I'd never heard before and most importantly proper bass. As I mentioned in the shop, I'd struggled for ages getting any and getting the bass to sound like it was coming from the speakers. It seemed to emanate somewhere above them and I'd just put it down to weird room acoustics. I guess basically after 21 years untreated, the amps had run out of steam. I've noticed also that the pre-amp doesn't need the volume to be so high to get the same levels as before.




Hi Darran, I meant to email you, but have had my hands full with all sorts of non-hi-fi stuff. I want to thank you for the good service, swift work, and most of all with the benefit the recap brought. I am listening to it now as my son and wife sleeps. What hits me is that my 202,200, Hi-Cap, Napsc, CDX-2, Hi-line, Allaes (all Naim ; )) sounds much more natural and easy to listen to than before, compared to the non-recapped system and without any Hi-Cap at all. The detail-level has increased, as well as dynamics and PRaT. The music just flows, and the system now makes me want to listen to more and more records, which matters the most in this hobby. Thank you!


Nac-112 / Nap-150


Received the NAC112 and NAP150 back from Class A in Sheffield. The difference is amazing. I hadn't realised how much the sound had deteriorated over the last 13 years! Very pleased with the works Darran has carried out.


Naim Nac-72 

Nap 135 / Nap 250 fascias now in stock


Does your "chrome bumper" Nap-135 or Nap-250 have a damaged or dis-coloured front fascia ? If so we now have replacements in stock. These can be fitted whilst your amp is being serviced or just replaced on their  own.

Please note they will only be fitted to equipment that is in original un-modified condition, they will not be fitted to D.I.Y. projects, or modified equipment, also they are not available on a mail order basis.


Just arrived

Small box Naim fascias for Hi-Cap etc.
These can be fitted as part of a service.
As with the larger size ones they will not be supplied for d.i.y. fitting or fitted to modified units.
These are Naim authorised parts
Naim fascia


CD's skipping during play ?

First thing to check is the state of the puck. The rubber contacts do wear with age and allow the cd to be clamped less tightly. It is recommended you do not leave a cd inside the player with puck in place for long periods of time as this can cause premature wear.




We are unable to supply any internal spare parts for Naim equipment.


 Naim Audio Serial Numbers


Naim puck 
Serial Number Year Serial Number Year Serial Number Year

000016 006933

006944 011998
011999 019752
019753 026689
026690 031999
032000 041484
041485 049945
049946 060867
060868 069924
069925 076367
076368 083272
083273 093739
093740 105143
105144 117211
117212 - 128626
128627 - 139322
139323 - 150454
150455 - 161170
161171 - 170622
170623 - 180714


180715 - 191709
191710 - 201343
201344 - 213180
213181 - 227530
227531 - 241340
241341 - 252990
252991 - 269940
269941 - 285378
285379 - 304155
304156 - 322134
322135 - 339631
339632 - 363706
363707 - 383862
383863 - 399807
399808 - 414048
414049 - 430301
430302 - 450416
450417 - 465512
465513 - 482237