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Naim and their authorised service departments will service and repair units to 100% Naim specification, as all spares are carefully selected at Naim.

We do not modify units by fitting inferior specification or so called equivalent parts.

We are proud to be an authorised service department.


Always ask who carried out the service work and get a detailed list of all parts fitted and work carried out.

If in any doubt ask for internal pictures, send them to me and I can check if the correct parts are fitted.

If it says Naim on the outside you want it to be Naim on the inside...


A couple of before and after pictures of Naim fascia replacement. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Naim Hi CapNaim Hi Cap  


12th June

I have a few interesting going through a full service and refurbishmnet in the workshop.

These will be available for sale from 1st July.

Nac-82 pre-amplifier. M.C. phono cards  SOLD

Supercap power supply, olive style    SOLD

Nap-250 power amplifier, chrome bumper style  SOLD

Nac-32.5 pre-amplifier    SOLD

Hi-Cap power supply, chrome bumper style    SOLD

Nac-A4 and Nac-A5 speaker cables    SOLD

plus some other items I am evaluating.

All will come boxed with all cables and a warranty

pictures will be posted soon.




9th June 2023


After a few issues I have decided to make the following changes to the operation of the business.

The opening hours when I will be at the workshop have changed to 10.00 am to 4.30 pm tuesday to saturday.

Goods can still be dropped off at Moorgate Acoustics outside these hours as per their opening hours.

CD players.

Sourcing genuine original laser mechanisms for many models is now almost impossible. There are so many fakes and copies for sale which do not meet original specification and with poor reliability.
Therefore with immediate effect we will no longer accept cd players for repair or service.

Modified units

Any units which have been modified from original manufacturers specification, unless factory approved will not be worked on, unless they can first be returned to factory specification.


12th June 2020


After 12 weeks we are now able to open again full time from tuesday 16th June.

There are however a few conditions.

Visitors please use the private car park to rear of the shop and call me when you arrive. We can then open the door at the rear at the top of the stairs.
If you are wanting items serviced whilst you wait then unfortunately you will not be able to wait inside the shop as we are only allowed very limited numbers at any one time.
Please call me for clarification if in doubt.
If you are dropping off items and leaving them with us or collecting items it is business as normal but please call when you are outside the premises.
Items can still be collected using DHL with full insurance on mondays to thursdays, they have been excellent during the lockdown.
There are no problems obtaining spares so normal turn around times will very soon be back to normal.



30th March 2020


In these difficult and uncertain times we can still service / repair certain items whilst spares stock is available.

Unfortunately no visitors are allowed but courier collections and deliveries can be arranged.

Please do not send anything before contacting me first.

We can be reached by telephone on 0114-2588400 Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Or e-mail at service@classaaudio.co.uk


Wishing everyone good health and great music.


10th November 2019


I have 2 Linn Klout power amplifiers for sale

Both fullt re-capped and serviced and excellent condition

They are the later type with crackle paint finish

12 months warranty and written service report

shipping available at cost price



5th September 2019 

I have a really nice Olive style Naim Nap-250 power amplifier for sale

It will have a full service to 100% Naim specification prior to sale.

12 month warranty and written service report

Complete with cables and Naim packaging

shipping available at cost price




2nd July 2018

I will have a Linn Karik and a Kairn ( phono ) for sale soon, they are just being fully serviced.


12th March 2018

Linn LP-12, arm and Lingo all now sold..


11th December 2017

Anyone looking for a very nice black Linn LP-12 turntable without arm ?

Contact us for more details including specification

I will also soon have a mint Naim ARO tone arm for sale..


15th September 2017 

A few new items added to the For Sale section


28th August 2017 

Got a broken Linn Kairn or Karik ? It could be worth a minimum of £500.00 and up to £2000.00 as long as it is complete. The Linn promotion ends 31st August



18th July

I will have a fully serviced and restored Nap-110 available soon, this is a lovely example of a classic power amplifier. Please contact me for details 



1st July

More Lingo servicing feedback, yes it really makes that much difference..

I have just got my 20+ yr old Lingo 1 back after a service and re-cap from these guys, I didn't think there was anything wrong with it but had been reading on here how they go off with time....

WOW, they were not wrong, it is not subtle, it is astounding, if someone told me I was now listening to a Radikal I would believe them, if you have an old Lingo that has not been re-capped it's a must, I can honestly say it's the best £85 I have ever spent on hi-fi



I will have a couple of chrome bumper style Naim pieces up for sale soon. A Nap-140 power amplifier and a Hi-Cap power supply, both will be fully serviced to 100% specification and in excellent condition with a 12 months warranty.. Enquiries welcome...

Both items now sold... thank you for the interest..

Linn Lingo

Customer feedback from a serviced Lingo

Hi Darran,

Just giving you some feedback on the service you carried out on my old Lingo power supply last week. To say I was impressed with the improvement to my system is an understatement! Everything is back where it should be, the bass is deeper and more realistic, the drums actually have skin on them and the vocals sound fantastic. The system is now back to it’s former glory, more musical with the soundstage more three dimensional and you can follow every instrument. It’s as big an improvement as when you serviced my Naim amps several years ago.

For anybody with an old Lingo they would have to have their heads examined if they didn’t have this service carried out and all for £80 - £140. That applies to anybody with elderly Naim amps obviously at a different cost.

My system by the way is a Linn LP12 Ekos arm and Akiva cartridge, Naim 250, 32.5, Hi-Cap amps (Chrome Bumpers) and Dynavector 2/6 Loudspeakers.


18th October

Due to the very popular birthday promotion we have decided that the reduced service prices will now remain in place for the forseeable future.

For 100% genuine Naim servicing at great prices and a fast turnaround give us a call


1st June 2016

August 2016 will mean we have been in business for 30 years. To celebrate this occasion we are offering for a limited time only genuine reductions on the servicing of certain Naim products.

These include the Nac-52 pre-amplifier, Supercap power supply and the Nap 135 and 250 power amplifiers.

As we are Naim authorised we source all our components directly from Naim and all units are kept to 100% correct specification with no modifications unless factory approved.

Naim Nac-52 and Naim Supercap

29th February 2016

I have just taken in a very nice Naim Nac-72 pre-amplifier, it will be available for sale soon. If interested please contact me


12th February 2016

The move is nearly complete. I will have the soldering iron plugged in and ready by tuesday 16th February. There is now more work space and better test facilities, plus a lot more storage space.
It may take a few days for the landline number to port over so if possible please use the mobile number for now.

Our new address is

643-645 Chesterfield Road,
South Yorkshire
S8 0RY

the e-mail is the same as before but we have a new telephone number

The new number is 0114-2588400


2nd February 2016

The move to the new premises starts next week so please don't send any parcels that will arrive in Sheffield after this friday 5th February until further notice. We should be open by saturday 13th February. If you need to contact me next week then the mobile number 07710043100 will be the best to reach me on or send an e-mail.


11th January 2016


Late January / early February this year we will be moving to a new location on the outskirts of Sheffield at Woodseats. We are moving to new premises with larger and better facilities and a customer car park. If you are planning on sending any equipment in for servicing or repairs after 25th January pleaase make sure you contact me first.


21st December 2015


Festive Opening Hours

Christmas Eve – CLOSED
Christmas DAY – CLOSED
Boxing Day – CLOSED
Sunday 27th – CLOSED
Monday 28th – CLOSED
Tuesday 29th – OPEN 10.00 till 4.00
Wednesday 30th – OPEN 10.00 till 4.00
New Years Eve – CLOSED
New Years Day – CLOSED
Saturday the 2nd – OPEN 9.00 till 5

May we take this opportunity to wish customers and friends old and new a merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year


16th September 2015

A couple of great quote from the Naim forum...

I had my 82 serviced a couple of years ago - this after having nothing done on it for some 20 years. Can honestly say it made a significant improvement and was well worth the money.
I suggest you speak to an expert like Darran at Class A; he will answer your question about servicing and POTS8 upgrade. I asked about having the latter done and he said the difference was minimal and my money could be spent better elsewhere! An extremely honest and helpful guy who has a reputation for excellent service.


When Darren serviced my 32.5 a few years ago (it's first ever service) there was a significant step forward in SQ. Well worth it. Age dependent, of course. Darren can advise, and will only replace/repair what is required. Extremely quick, expert and friendly service. 

Forum link


1st September 2015

Added more items to the for sale section, including a fully serviced Linn Klout power amplifier and a Naim CDX cd player


26th August

I will have a fully serviced Linn Klout power amplifier available for sale soon, with warranty.

Please contact me for details


11th August

Virgin media have changed their e-mail service, supposedly for the better. In reality I am not receiving all my e-mails. If you have not heard back from me after a couple of days please re-send your enquiry.


9th August

Added a few items to the for sale section


5th July 2015 

The following will be ready for sale soon,


Naim Nac 42.5 pre-amplifier

Naim Nap-110 power amplifier

Cyrus 2 amplifier

Cyrus 2 amplifier with seperate PSX power supply 

if you are interested please contact me.


29th June 2015 

There is a new update available for Naim streaming products

Click HERE for a free download direct from the Naim website


17th April 2015 

It has just been brought to my my attention that a guy in USA is trying to sell a Nait 1 supposedly serviced by me last year. It is an obvious scam as all the details are incorrect.
If you are looking at buying an item I have previously serviced then please contact me first with the serial and invoice numbers so I can check the validity before an expensive mistake could be made.


1st March 2015 

How good can old Naim equipment sound ? VERY according to this satisfied customer..

I collected my 30 year old Naim NAP 110 & NAC 42
yesterday and, after warming up, I listened to several records.

The work you have done was absolutely outstanding. I heard things and background orchestral sounds more clearly than I recall. Listening to Elgar's Cello Concerto played by DuPre I heard a member of the audience cough - quietly but quite clearly.

I am now looking for a SNAPS power supply for the pre-amp. When I find one you will restore it if it has been modified and service it.

However, your work was amazingly good - well worth the money.



24th February 2015

A quote from the Naim forum from a customer happy with his freshly serviced Naim Nap-135's..

We service Naim units to 100% Naim specification, with no dubious upgrades or modifications...

I have 2 pairs of 135s ready for the "floaty" snaxo, whenever that will appear. one pair was last serviced 2006 and even though it sounded very good driving SL2s, i wondered what it would be like serviced -- since its failry close to the 10year threshold.
Last week, i stopped "wondering" and sent it to Class A, collected last Tuesday -- back serviced today -- delivered this morning!

When they were delivered, the cases were almost freezing to the touch so I left them on the floor in my office to "thaw" a bit.
This evening i connected them up, let them playing radio for a couple of hours.
Since around 1900hrs, i have been playing music -- the serviced 135's now actually sound a even better than before the service -- i guess that much is obvious -- but what i wasnt prepared for is how much better -- they are a LOT better!!
I have been through NAP200, NAP250(both passive and active) NAP300 (both passive and active) and now on 135s (currently passivle, but will be active when the floaty snaxo sees light of day).
These 135's sound so good that I am having difficulty figuring out in what ways the 300 betters them

Back to the music...

 I have used you for Naim service a few times in the past and each time the outcome has been the same -- highly improved performance from the serviced equipment and I am grateful for that -- and long may it continue.


10th February 2015

Finally succumbed, we are now on Facebook, click on the logo to find us 


27th January

More Naim user manuals are now available in the downloads section


26th January 2015 

It seems to be turntable month here, never seen so many decks in for servicing.

The usual Linn and Rega, but lots of Dual and Technics 1210's coming into the workshop.

Having been a vinyl collector for 40 years I am very happy to see decks making a come back.


26th November 

The prices on early Naits serviced to factory specification goes from strength to strength, a chrome bumper Nait 2 I serviced back in 2009, just sold on Ebay for £630.31


20th November 2014

First time I have had all three variations in together for servicing, what a wonderful sight...

Naim Nait amplifiers


11th September 2014

Available now Chrome bumper Naim equipment

1 x 32.5, 1 x Nap-250,

fully serviced to 100% Naim specification with warranties.

Call or e-mail for details



10th September 2014

Should I have my Naim amplifiers serviced ?

A recent thread on the Naim forum

Naim Servicing  click to view


2nd September

An excellent Naim Nap-110 power amplifier just being re-furbished, available soon


18th July 

A nice fully seviced Naim Nac-42.5 pre-amplifier now up for grabs. See For Sale page

Now sold


16th July

Just taken in a Naim Nap-110 power amplifier for full re-furbishment, now available, see For Sale page

Now sold


27th June 2014 

Just put an excellent Naim Chrome Bumper Hi-cap up for sale

You will not find a nicer example, 100% correct condition.

Now sold


18th June 2014

Time for a clear out.

Over the years I have obtained 100's of original service manuals for audio and hi-fi equipment, these are now taking up too much space so it is time to move them on. I will soon be listing them on Ebay.

These are for Technics, Kenwood, Denon, Sony, Pioneer etc. and include amplifiers, tuners, cassette decks, cd players. and turntables.

If there are any of use to you please contact me.

These are original manufacturers service manuals, not copies.


18th April 2014

We now have stock of the Linn Lingo 1 mains inlet without the filter.

This will cure the problem of interference and sound degradation when used with Naim equipment

This can be fitted as part of a service



20th August 2013


Moorgate Acoustics will be hosting an open day with Naim Audio and B&W on Saturday the 16th of November. They would love you to join them for an afternoon of music and fun.


I will also be there to offer any advice on servicing or repairs to Naim equipment.

"Join us to explore some of the finest audio products from the UK. Naim Audio and B&W will be joining us and demonstrating some of their most exciting products. We will also be featuring Streaming and explaining how it works, how to use it and how it can transform your listening. We'll be playing some fantastic music and giving you the chance to hear components and systems from a range of prices and performances. It will be a relaxed affair with the emphasis on music. There will be the chance to enjoy high definition recordings from such artists as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Dusty Springfield and a great many others. Hear the music as it was recorded for the very first time."

Light refreshments provided.

Follow the link to register for FREE tickets.   http://moorgate.eventbrite.co.uk/



19th August 2013


A very interesting video for those interested in Naim equipment






19th February 2013


Added a new section


Check out the downloads section, I will be adding user manuals mainly for Linn amd Naim products.

If there is anything you need please contact me and I will add them to the list.


23rd October 2012

The info from Naim is all the upgrades will have to go back to Salisbury as no dealers will be allowed to carry out the work themselves.

Also only the current range of products will be accepted so unfortunately Olive or Chrome bumper equipment are not upgradeable.
If interested you have to register your interest via the Naim website or your local dealer, they will then give you a total cost, including a reduced cost for servicing if required and give you a time slot for the when the work can be carried out.
Jobs are done in order of registration.

The other option which many people seem to be considering is, depending on age, to trade the units in for brand new DR fitted products, some dealers are offering very good trade in values.


6th July 2012

I will attending the Naim DR power supplies open day at Cymbiosis in Leicester on July 19th, if anyone has any questions about Linn or Naim servicing I will be happy to advise.

Cymbiosis will be holding an open day on Thursday July 19th when they will be demonstrating the DR supplies against the previous models to give you the opportunity to hear the difference that this update makes to the performance.

Demonstrations will be available from 12.00pm until 6.30pm, so please feel free to drop in at your convenience. Mark Raggett from Naim Audio will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about this new update. They look forward to seeing you.


1st July 2012

Naim's New DR Power Supplies

Following a two year development project Naim has announced it has updated its power supplies to feature a new discrete regulator that greatly improves performance. The new Naim Discrete Regulator (DR) will be fitted to the HiCap, XPS, SuperCap, 552 PS and 555 PS power supplies as of May 14th 2012.

Building on Naim’s upgrade path philosophy

The addition of outboard power supplies offers an established upgrade path for many Naim products. By improving the supplies themselves, removing the electromagnetic field of the transformer and interference generated by the rectifier diodes, and by eliminating transformer vibration from the product case, Naim power supplies offer improved sound quality.

The role of the regulator

Voltage regulators are widely deployed within Naim power supplies to ensure that audio and digital circuits operate with a stable, low noise supply voltage, thereby maximising their performance. Naim’s new discrete regulator betters industry standard monolithic voltage regulators and, even more importantly, has had its design and component selection refined in the listening room to deliver maximised sound quality from Naim’s audio circuits.

A pure development project

As well as incorporating the newly developed DR in these five power supplies, Naim has reviewed and optimised every aspect of their design. Transformer mounting, wire gauge, wire routing, mechanical decoupling, internal layout and reservoir capacitors have all been scrutinised to ensure that the DR’s benefits are fully realised. The result of the inclusion of the new DR regulators and the updates to design is a quite significant increase in performance which helps the listener to really connect with the artist and music.